Lucky 7's (Acoustic version)

by Jared Hart

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Engineered and mixed by Ed Auletta at North End Studios
Additional vocals by Casey Macalush
Track appears on The Scandals Flexi 7" via Panic State Records


I said give me a side
Said how did we do on the numbers tonight?
They're about to come on so you better be quiet
I know you're scared as hell
I know you see it on me
And i try not to tell
As you grabbed my hand
As your walls all fell

Lucky Sevens
Its a sign if I've ever seen one
A sign if I've ever seen one
Lucky Seven
Tell em all i'm not supersticious
It's a sign if I've ever seen one

You know I go upstairs
Sometimes just to pretend you were there
Yelling coup-fourré and you're not playing fair
Said remember the day?
When you sat in on class and I begged you to stay
Your eyes said the thing that your lips couldn't say

If there's one thing that I want to do
It's sit and spin the reels with you
Watch until the lines come out our way
Until then I'll be making due
With Absolute and orange juice
We'll betmax until it comes out way

Did you ever, did you ever come my way?


released July 14, 2016



all rights reserved


Jared Hart Bayonne, New Jersey


  • Oct 27
    Gainesville, FL

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